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You’re in the right place! Thrive Bookkeeping provides customized, in-depth support that real estate industry pros need to take their business to the next level.

We help you answer questions about which investments have been most profitable, where to invest your money next, how to improve cash flow, and the best ways to reduce costs. It’s all in pursuit of helping you thrive!

The best bookkeeping firm for real estate professionals is the one that actually gets your business

Thrive Bookkeeping was founded by Haley Bonczyk with a central goal in mind: To help real estate investors, property managers, vacation rental owners, realtors, and other professionals finally take control of their finances in order to boost profits and maximize growth. Haley founded Thrive after years of managing the books at a large real estate investment firm, where she uncovered her own personal love of real estate.

In 2017, Haley decided to leave the investment firm and move onto private equity alongside her husband. In the process of building her own portfolio she realized how much independent investors and real estate professionals could benefit from the level of support she provided when working for a larger investment firm.

Seeing how much clarity and efficiency key bookkeeping practices brought to her own business, Haley set out to help other real estate professionals do the same, building personal and legacy wealth through expanding their portfolios and optimizing their business for maximum growth.

Today, Thrive helps real estate professionals not only establish and maintain clean bookkeeping practices but actually use that data to move their companies forward. We believe that when it comes to the real estate business, it’s not enough to survive – you need to THRIVE!

Real estate is a competitive and risky industry, but with great risk, comes reward! Thrive Bookkeeping helps our clients see those rewards more often and more consistently by helping them zero in on the exact science of what makes them profitable and helping them do more of it. By offering our clients the most advanced reporting methods and monthly strategy meetings, we help our clients reach their fullest potential.

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